Sunday, March 18, 2012

A bunch of new things I have made

I havent blogged here for a while, so now I have several things to show you. :) 

First I have made a flower spiral, or what its called.
I have used floral-tape and some flowers and leaves.
This was my first try, and I am rather satisfied with it.

At the therapy I have started to weave a carpet.
Its really fun, but it will take some time to get it done.

When I was sick for a week, I wanted to try to make some decorations for my LOs, so I tried to crochet some butterflies.
I was surprised how easy it was, so I made several of them. :)

And, as you can see, I also crocheted  a dragonfly. :)

I made a card for a dear friend of mine, with the sentiment "Hugs" on the front.
Insidde I wrote how thankful I was for her (and her daughters) friendship.

I actually started with this card over 6 months ago, but got stucked, so thats why it took so long to finish.

Easter is just around the corner, so I wanted to make some egg-shaped cards.
My husband helped me to draw and cut out the cards, and then I decorated them.

They where so fun to make, so I will absolutely make more of these.
Maybe I can make some for Mother-In-Law to sell at her work?
Do you think anyone would buy such cards as these?

The first days in March I was at my very first Scrapbooking-fair, where I also participated on a get-together with over 80 other scrapbookers.
I had so much fun, and I will absolutely go there this fall when its another Scrapbooking get-together and fair. :)

This is my nameplate that I made before I went there.

We had several challanges, one of them was to make a card with some specific supplies; a button, a wooden stick and a clothes pin.
This is what I came up with.

Another challenge was to make a LO with Swedens new Princess.
Its our Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel that had a baby in the end of February.

I made a rather simple LO, but I am pleased with the result. :)

I didnt win anything in the challenges, but I had fun, and thats the most important thing. :)

I hoped that you liked my crafty update.
A comment always makes me happy. ;)

Hugs from Linda

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