Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time for a couple of LayOuts

Well, I have been feeling like making LOs now, so here is 2 that I made a few days ago.

The first one is a LO of Simba the cat.
I actually ruined this LO, since there came some Glaze on the photo, and when I tried to get it off it made some scratches on the photo. :(
(this happened when I had printed and cut out the flame and was going to attach it to the LO)

But, I thought a while, and then I went on my "Rescue-my-LO"-mission.
I simply plugged the printer back in and printed out another photo...then I sat down and peeled off a bit of the leaf that was attached to the photo.

Then I just attached the new photo directly over the old one, and re-attached the part of the leaf back on to the photo.
I had another flame printed out, so I cut out the tips that was going directly on the photo, and carefully attached them,

Done :) 
The "frame" around the photo was made with Distress Stain and then I put stickles on it to have the glittery effect.
I also made dots around the whole page with pearl maker. :)


The next LO is with a photo from our wedding, and also a photo of our wedding rings. :)

The flame on this one was made with the rest of the paper from where I cut out the flame on the Simba-LO.
I put the paper on my LO and dotted with Distress Stain, and after that I dotted with red Distress Ink to get the fire-effect.
When it had dried I took my bottle of stickles and put on the whole flame...and I am very pleased with the result. :)

 Here is a close-up on the flame....doesnt it look really cool?

Thats all for me today...hope you liked what I have made.

Please leave a comment, its always nice to hear what you think. :)

Hugs from Linda.


Anonymous said...

Jättefin! ;)

Kram Mia

Anonymous said...

Hiya Linda,

Your blog page is really cool, love the orange effect ♥
Nice work as always, good start.

All the best.