Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tsunami Rose - Tutorial on a Kriss-Kross card

Hi everyone,

Its Tuesday again, and time for me to do another tutorial for Tsunami Rose.

This time I will show you how to make a KrissKross-card...a really fun card to make.

Take 2 pieces of cardstock in the size 6x12" 
Score both at 6" and fold

Put adhesive on one side of 1 of the pieces

Cut on the other side of the cardstock, from corner to corner

This is how it should look now

Cut from corner to corner of the second paper 
Then you should end up with 2 pieces like this

Put the 2 pieces together so it looks like this

Now its time for some patterned paper.

Take 1 piece 5½x5½" that you cut into 2 triangle shaped pieces, 
and 1 piece that's 5x5" that you add to a piece of cardstock that's 5 3/4x5½"

Put some adhesive on the right flip and fold it in

Add some patterned paper 
Then repeat the last step and close the left flip

Add some more patterned paper

Put the square pieced patterned paper on the cardstock piece and... 

...put it in the pocket. 

Now to the really fun part...DECORATE 

Done :) 

The adorable papers I have used comes from Add on "Life Abloom" Full size pages.
If you want to, click on the picture right under this, and take a look on more of the gorgeous papers.

Hope you liked my tutorial, and my card.

Take care and see you all soon again.


Marie97 said...

Lovely! One of my fav folds to do. TFS from BIF

Sukie said...

Beautiful card, thanks for sharing the tutorial! BIF

kathy said...

this is gorgeous, thank you for the tutorial xox

kathy BIF x

KimberlyRae said...

Another Gorgeous Creation!!

GabyCreates.com said...

What a pretty design. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. BIF