Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My crafty blog in English :)

I thought about how to to, if I should write in both Swedish and English in the same Blog...but realized that it would berather messy.

So...if you want to read in English, this is the blog to visit. :)

There will be the same pictures of my crafty projects in both Blogs, so you won´t miss out on anything. ;)

Since I have made some crafts this year already, I will publish all pictures now of the things I made so far in 2012.

Have a great day and I hope you find some things that you like.

* Christmas Card *

* LO with my son Lucas. Sentiment says: "Little boy in big bed" *

* Christmas Card *

* Christmas Card *


* Christmas Card *

* Christmas Card *

* Christmas Card *

LO with our cats Stella and Simba. Sentiment says: "Cuddling on the favourite place"

Close-up on leaf covered in Crystal Glaze, and metal flower. 

LO... "New Years Night 2012".
Photos taken just after midnight. :)


Hugs from Linda

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Anonymous said...

Fina grejer!

Kram Mia